Apr 23, 2019

Uggghhhhhh, I hate being sick.

So I started writing this in June of last year and I found this totally politically incorrect Howard Stern but that was animated.

Does anybody really ‘like’ being sick?

I figure I’m really lucky in a lot of ways because there’s sick and then there’s these things that have you worrying about your own mortality. I’m also at the point where you really do have to take any kind of sickness seriously because not being young means you don’t bounce back and it can wind up being way, way worse because you were stupid and ignored something.

My office though... man! It’s a fucking sick ward.

Let me tell you, one person gets sick and then over the next month and a half it fucking makes the rounds because people WON’T TAKE OFF (because sick time is bundled in with vacation time) and the company FROWNS ON PEOPLE WORKING REMOTELY.

In 2018 the flu made the rounds in the first part of the year and each person it hit wound up out for a week or the people who weren’t out wound up one of the walking wounded for three months infecting others.



This year, the same thing happened but I got my flu shot (last year was the one year in a long time I skipped it) and while there was this moment where I got a little crappy for a day or two I didn’t get hit the way some people did.

What amazes me is these folks who simply won’t get a flu shot because of some superstition.

These are like the anti-vaxxers. I mean, just go live in the jungle or something you want to be a primitive.

In the meantime, if you’re sick, again... STAY THE FUCK HOME!

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